Our Wood

Wood is a material which has characteristics that no other material has. But it must be harvested correctly to be environmentally friendly. Our wood is sourced locally to our workshop, and we take every care to be as environmentally friendly as we can be.


We only select the trees that are straight and hence suitable for making furniture. The rest is left to grow naturally and re-seed.  There is also replantation where required.  

Wood is a renewable & sustainable resource if harvested correctly.

Illegal forestry practices remain a major cause for concern worldwide, being the main cause of deforestation and forest degradation. The certification that the wood used in our workshop comes from sustainably managed forests and it is increasingly important, that this must be taken into account.

There are 3 elements of wood sustainability that we take into account:

The legal right to harvest wood.

Preserving Forest Health, Maintaining Resources, Biodiversity and the Ecosystem

Compliance with the conditions regarding the harvesting, processing and marketing of wood (including in terms of working conditions).

So why do we use sustainable wood?

By purchasing materials made from sustainable wood you are helping prevent illegal forestry, reducing carbon emissions from deforestation, thus supporting the promotion of sustainable development.

Sustainability is part of our success. Together with our partners, we want to contribute for a better future.  We are all becoming increasingly aware how important trees are to our environment, so it is extremely important that there is a sustainable and growing supply of forest.


Our Solar Kiln

In 2015, we built a solar kiln to dry the wood.  This uses the power of the sun to heat our kiln, without the need to burn wood or oil.  The heat of the sun hits a large clear screen on top of the kiln, this then heats up a blackboard behind the screen. It then just uses a small amount of electricity to turn the fans that blows the solar heated air around the kiln.  This is the most environmentally friendly way to dry wood in a controlled system.

Our Furniture Finishes

We use environmentally friendly wood finishes and paints.  All our finishes are now water-based, and we do not use spirit or oil-based products.

Please write to us if you have any further questions: office@jamesadcock.co.uk