Following our design process, your order goes to our workshop.

We create our furniture from the workshop in the Carpathian Alps, that David, James’ father, set up in 1999. The cabinet makers all trained by David are highly skilled in traditional methods of English carpentry. We carefully select timbers from managed forests that have no clear-felling policy.  The forests are reseeded, planted or selectively forested. The wood is then dried in our solar kiln that James built in 2012.

We use oak, ash, beech, pine, elm and some other more interesting woods if they come across our path. We like to use wood to its natural best, showing off its character and interesting qualities. Once the timber has been shaped and cut to form the cabinets, the units are transported to our workshop in the Warwickshire. Once it has been assembled it will be finished and ready for installation. We top coat the furniture on-site by hand to get the best natural finish. We look forward to making your project.