The definition of BESPOKE is something that is commissioned to a particular specification, in our case all of our furniture is custom built to your individual requirements. No matter what size, style or finish, our designs are exclusive to you, as they are based on your vision.


One of the greatest pleasures of going bespoke is the freedom of choice. You aren’t settling for mass-produced pieces that compromise on your tastes. Instead, every piece is specifically made for you. 

At James Adcock Furniture & Kitchens we don’t stock made-to-measure pieces, rather, we like to make things personal. The journey begins with you and your interior space. Our design team will visit your home, taking the time to understand both your individual style and the intentions for your space. 

We will guide you through the whole experience, whether that’s providing a little inspiration, or offering up some useful tips, we are here to help you articulate your vision along the way.


When you commission custom built furniture, you are free  to work in harmony with the character of your house. This is especially useful for period homes with wonky walls and beams. Our bespoke furniture is tailor-made to precisely fit any space you have in mind. We find ways to make the best use of your space, transforming those unused nooks into areas of beauty and function. 

No matter what size, shape or style you have in mind, we can create anything you want. Be it for your kitchen, office, or stairway, every piece will be made from hand to fit your interior spaces.


It’s great to have a beautiful room but it’s nothing if it’s not practical and functional with its beauty! Having a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, that is functional is so important, and by designing it from scratch you can ensure that everything is done to your exact requirements, so that you will end up with a space that suits your needs perfectly.

We seek to enhance the space and give true purpose to it, whether that’s incorporating soft-closing draws or hidden storage.


Today we are bombarded with mass-produced furniture that lacks strength and durability. 

At James Adcock Furniture & Kitchens our bespoke furniture is made by hand using traditional methods and techniques, starting with solid raw materials that are sustainably sourced from carefully managed forests. We make furniture that is designed for living and built to last. 

With all the marks of expert craftsmanship, from dovetail to mortise joints, bespoke furniture will enhance your home, and in turn increase the desirability and value of your property.



If you are considering an exciting new project and think we could help transform your home, we would love to hear from you!

Call us on 01789 720874 or email us at design@jamesadcock.co.uk to discuss your requirements.